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The Orchard Town Center

The Orchard Town Center

Westminster, CO

The Orchard Town Center is a vibrant and modern outdoor shopping and entertainment destination boasting over a million square feet of retail and office space. Our professional services spanned event production, murals, digital marketing campaigns, annual marketing strategy, and nonprofit fundraising.

Our Work

Marketing Strategy

We oversaw and implemented the comprehensive marketing strategy for The Orchard, which encompassed various key components such as event coordination, social media management, marketing campaigns, media procurement, creative material development, signage program implementation, public relations efforts, and more. Our primary objective was to devise and execute campaigns strategically designed to increase foot traffic to the center and drive sales for the retailers and restaurants.

Event Management

We successfully managed and executed more than 100 events on an annual basis at The Orchard, resulting in the acquisition of three prestigious global marketing awards accredited by the International Council of Shopping Centers. These events encompassed a diverse range of experiences, including concerts, beer festivals, farmers' markets, cultural events, movie nights, drive-ins, as well as large-scale art programs.

Digital Marketing 

We developed a highly effective digital marketing strategy that leveraged a range of cutting-edge techniques, including targeted email marketing, impactful social media campaigns, strategically placed display advertisements, geofencing tactics, and innovative website enhancements. This meticulously crafted strategy successfully generated a significant influx of digital traffic to The Orchard's website and social media platforms, resulting in an impressive annual impression count exceeding 7 million.

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